Another One of Those Days

There are days when the only acceptable noise

Once wrapped in the soothing chocolate brown walls of my study

Is the whir of the ceiling fan mixed with the purr of sweet Kitty.


Anything else cuts through the silence my soul is seeking

Like fingernails across a chalkboard,

And today is one of those days.


Trying to sift through the anger, frustration

I’ve been feeling lately most days as I walk out to my truck through the parking lot

To drive home after work.


Second week in May, four weeks ‘til summer,

Up today since 3:44 like every day,

A predawn 5 mile run in the books before driving to work.


And now, all I crave is silence and solitude

To hear the voice of the author I’m currently reading

Speaking to that deeper place of soul.


‘Cause you see, those words are medicinal

And I know I only have about two hours, maybe three of lucidity

Before the tiredness pulls the back of my eyes into my occipital lobe.


But, for right now that fan whirring, that Kitty purring

Are the only sounds my soul desires,

All others cursed like anathema.


These are the sounds of solitude, the sounds of silence

Wrapped in the textures of these chocolate brown walls,

That girl breathing gently beside me on the futon.

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, 05/10/2016






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