Life as A Cat

I used to think I’d come back as a dog,

But now I’m sure I’ll come back as a cat,

Not that I’m one to believe in the reincarnate

And all that.


I’ll keep my claws superbly sharp

and so superciliously clean,

As a warning to all of humanity:

“Don’t get too close to me.”


I’ll keep my nap rituals sacred and on the down low,

Enjoying my siestas without work ethic guilt,

Casting feline spells with purr purring,

Melting any Soul daring to step ’round my quilt.


Though frequently flirting and wooing

With the silent swoosh and swing of my tail,

In that swoosh shall remain this whispered warning:

I can always steal away in an instant, without fail.


My motto for this cat’s life will be:

“Always live in the now and the presence of right here,”

I’ll spend time with humans on my own terms, only when I’m ready,

Knowing loyal Sister Solitude shall always hold me steady.


And when I pass on to another life,

Still believing in nine lives and all that,

I’ll be most happy to accept another life as a cat.

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, 04/15/2016


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