Solicitous Solitary Saturday

12:30 on a Saturday afternoon and feeling

As if the lack of solitude might crush him,

Like 4 walls of an illusory shrinking carnival fun house elevator vault closing in on him.


Sounds of footsteps above and around in the not-so-empty Colonial-style, 2-level house

Foreboding yet further interruptions of thoughts read,

Of thoughts thought and better left unsaid.

Awakening the morning with the sun and a 3-mile walk around the lake,

Noticing the kitty noticing him in the window between the panes of glass

And pulled down Venetian shades.

Wondering why the sleepy little wanna-be city

Was so slow to awaken,

On this solicitous Saturday morn.

Walls of lack of solitude closing in,

Longing for the interruptions-

Such excuses for not picking up the pen:

To write, to write, to write.

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, 04/09/2016

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