So ready…for Spring Break!

Wafting attention from Henry Miller’s

Tropic of Cancer to the U.S. Un-Presidential Race

Race for president, racial run for President of the Un-United States

Well, maybe, states united, but people in the states

Represent a state of dis-unitedness, protest this mess.


Between bouts of labor and a little bit of sleep

Making up for sleep not taken with little afternoon siestas

Body sore from predawn workouts-day in and day out

Keep the body, yea, the mind young and healthy pumping out

Caffeinated endorphins, a little serotonin, some norepinephrine for the road.


Out there grindin’, changing young lives

Yearning to set young hearts burning

With desire for learning, setting apathy on fire,

So apathetic some days, your mind a prosthetic brain?

Or something real? Readying itself for life.


The American dream? Livin’ the dream!

REM rebound churning out

Fresh poems almost daily, Well, maybe weekly, maybe bimonthly,

“Get it done, Son!” “Writers write.” “PERIOD.”

If you are a writer, then get to writing! Whatcha’ waitin’ for?

Handcrafted poetry by John Hines, 03/13/2016

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