Election Season

Is it possible to shut down the natter of T.V.’s talking heads

To satisfy and satiate a soul for just a moment of quiet solitude?

The pundits endlessly positing their punditry as others question

The endurance of this polity.


A work week that began with the passing of another bissextus

Like any other ordinary day marked without fanfare

Or a day off from love of labor lost

I mean, once every four years, why not mark it in some special way?


A work week meeting anything but politics as usual by week’s middle

With talk of size of hands and disregard for size of heart for leadership

An erection season (oops, a Freudian slip?) playing better than reality T.V.:

“Look at these hands!”


The candidates swooned with feathers plumed from the stage of another “great” debate

Each spouting versions of their unique brand of rodomontade

The one in the lead a real rabble rouser genius of marketing

Delivering reasons why the voters should premiate Him the nomination on the day of caucusing.


Me?  Maybe I better just get back to shelving

This legion of florilegium staring back at me

Just an old factotum picking up odd jobs

At the lakeside, downtown library.

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, 03/09/2016

This is the 9th consecutive week that I’ve posted a poem using 7 consecutive www.dictionary.com words-of-the-day.  The words-of-the-day are italicized in the poem.  If you liked this one, you might also like this: https://coachhinesblogs.com/2016/02/27/mystery-man.

Hope you enjoyed! 🙂 Thank you for reading!



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