Mystery Man

His heavy set physiognomy bore witness to his gluttony of late,

Hardly one to live the abstemious life,

His excesses now appeared unstoppable.


Having given himself over to his desires for

Whole milk, pan fried red meat and all types of fermented barley, malt and wheat,

His new found girth forced its way over his ill-fitting khakis.


Over the past year he had built up a passel of acquaintances

At the local groggery freely spending his student loan income

On rounds of food and drink for those in his sphere of conversation.


Outside that sphere that day sat a quiet, mysterious heavily bearded man

Who seemed quite pleased to remain in his solitary dark corner

Superciliously eyeing the growing crowd over the top of his laptop through his yellow eyes.


This mystery man’s apatetic suit of clothes and

His “Cruz for President” trucker’s cap seemed strikingly out of place

In this college town’s main watering hole.


A watering hole which every day hosted

Its usual mix of profs, grad students and budding undergrads-

Practitioners of the most liberal arts discussing the state of our disunion.


A disunion of disagreeableness forged over misinterpretations

Of inspirations of the Founder’s intent for government,

Would the mystery man leave his solitary corner to jump into the conversational fray?


Was this mystery man dressed for a more sylvan setting

Creating an internecine scheme?

Or was he just an out-of-towner passing through-

Misplaced, out of place, a camouflaged parapraxis?

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, 02/26/2016

For the eighth consecutive week, I have taken on the challenge of writing a poem using 7 consecutive words-of-the-day.  The 7 words-of-the-day are italicized in the poem.  Thank you for reading!  I hope you have as much fun reading these poems as I am having writing them! 🙂





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