Of Bags of Books & Boxes of Beer

Boxes of beer and wine in the bed of his truck,

Bags of books on the floor and back seat,

Purchases like soul’s ransom carried home

As Saturday’s dawn burned into Saturday’s noon.


Malbecs, Ales, Porters and Sparkling,

Ginsberg, Kerouac, Salinger and Hughes,

His divergent tastes in wheat, barley, malt and grape

As different as his literary tastes of late.


Following his hunger and thirst where they lead,

Creative license given to read,

Read and write to heart’s content,

No longer struggling to pay the rent.


No buyer’s remorse with this choice of “BIG” spending,

Another afternoon spent in want of sweet ending,

Unconscious Id’s heart sweetly rending,

Superego under mind’s weight bending.

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, 02/20/2016

I wrote this last Saturday.  I am posting it now as I look forward to a new weekend given to the soulfully rewarding pursuits of more reading and writing.

Thank you for reading! Best wishes to you for a most amazing weekend given to your heart’s pursuits.

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