“Next time, just say so”

“Next time, just say so” is what she said on Valentine’s Day as they entered that favorite spot for writing on Sunday afternoons of late and stood in line to order two Pellegrino waters and the customary double shot Espresso.

Why did those words strike

with the ferocity of calumniation?

Something borne in them by the sender

Or something wholly borne by the receiver?


Cutting to the quick of things

Mind not yet even in the thick of things

As Frank Sinatra sings:

“Just the way you look tonight.”


When the dipsy-doodles

of an ordinary day

Come soliciting for more than minor vicissitudes-

Will you be ready?


Will the wispy, white-grey hairs

Of your beard be a symbol of sagacity,

Of wise choices made among whispers

Of something beyond the moment?


A herald that the smoky incense

given off by the firings between your

Interstitial synaptic spaces

Marks the provenance of pansophy?


Or will your choicest decisions be

Like swollen apples on the slow rot sitting

On the ground waiting for a fubsy, little fellow

To come along in due time?


A fubsy, little fellow willing to satiate

With the easy, reachable bite to eat

Rather than hold a vision of what might be

Offered in the ripening available at higher reaches of the mind?

Handcrafted poetry by John Hines, 02/14/2016

This is another (the sixth week of such poems) in the series of 7 www.dictionary.com words-of-the-day poems (https://coachhinesblogs.com/2016/02/11/songs-of-summer-solstice). This week’s words available for crafting into poetry were: provenance, dipsy-doodle, sagacity, vicissitude, fubsy, interstitial, and calumniate.  Thank you for reading!  I hope you enjoyed :).


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