Zenith Missing

Two loads of laundry going, one load folded and put away, dishes moved from sink to dishwasher, empty trashcan brought up from road, 3 cups of coffee down, Kitty’s litter box cleaned, pool filter emptied, sun shining brightly outside, a shadow of careerism lurking over shoulders, a mental health day is what he needed and all he wanted to do was read and write while the grey ghost of careerism cast its shadows on his thoughts, nearing fifty years of existence on this planet Earth…

Having never reached the zenith

In any of his career paths,

Being recognized recently

Cash on the way, payout coming,

One of the best and the brightest,

Model classroom, visitors’ expectancies.


Even at his age, once again,

Questioning his calling, his purpose,

Even while teaching humanistically

Hierarchy of needs, Self-actualization,

Accidental realization?

For want of Maslow’s peak and Csikszentmihalyi flow.


Six years into this new career-

Needing, wanting, seeking change again?

Letter of intent awaiting a reply,

Reaching out for vocational bliss with exceptional cupidity-

What’s wrong with that?

Expectancy of nimiety of self-transcendence.


Expounding on the theories of motivation and work

While feeling like a Jack of many Trades, a master of none,

Zenith missing: “Put your nose down. Get to work!”

Such a pugnacious attitude of soul this week,

Shadow of careerism sometimes more than lurking

And becoming quite vociferous.


Memories of sweet smile of predawn morning’s full moon shining

Through the trees reflected off uncaged pool’s waters,

Giving thanks with gracious arms raised to the sky,

Pure appreciation, no need for selenology to understand or feel,

Deep breaths purposefully breathing gracious thanks

For yet another day.


Memories of two fathers’ lives

So recently passing-Legacy to live,

Maslowian self-transcendence yet to give,

Like the pleasures of the feelings felt from full moon’s smile,

Doesn’t this life beg

For a more insouciant approach to living

Purposefully in each moment’s while?

Handcrafted poetry by John Hines, 01/28/2016

This is the fourth week in a row that I have written a poem using the seven most previous and consecutive words of the day.  The words I had to work with this week were selenology, vociferous, cupidity, nimiety, pugnacious, insouciant, and zenith.  If you liked this you poem, you might like these: (https://coachhinesblogs.com/2016/01/09/words-please-him; https://coachhinesblogs.com/2016/01/15/sirens-of-predawn and https://coachhinesblogs.com/2016/01/26/third-week-of-january ).

Thank you for reading!  Have a most awesome week! J


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