Single Leaf Survivor

This single leaf survived

The cold of winter

And water’s snowy melt of Spring.


To impress upon our lazy hiker,

The import of permutations on the way,

Amidst the continuity of life’s seasons of change.


Could he be this leaf? A Survivor,

A Creator and leaver of a legacy,

Not yet understood.


Leaving each day up to its own reveal,

In time’s good measure.

Handcrafted poetry by John Hines, 01/11/2016.

In March, 2014, I spotted a single, large autumnal colored leaf in the road amidst the shell rock on a western North Carolina mountain walk.  A spring snow had just melted. I was really beginning to feel the nature around me and starting to pause to notice and feel (with more than my senses) things like dewy spider webs, lonesome leaves, moss growing on a log, sun thrown shadows through the trees, and water moving over rock.

Reading today’s “Poem-a-Day” titled Thin Ice by Ellen Dore Watson brought the image of that leaf swiftly back to me.  I found the picture of that single leaf survivor that I had saved in my phone and kept it open while I started writing this short poem.  Thank you to Ellen Dore Watson for bringing back the image and feelings so readily.


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