New Years Resolutions in 5 Words

This trending hashtag on Twitter got me going this morning between sets at the gym during my last HIIT workout of the year so here they are (so far)…

1) Live more. Love more. Write.

2) Read more than 50 books.

3) Write 5o thank you notes.

4) 50 minutes of daily exercise.

5) Write 5o new poems.

6) Push pause for 50 sunsets.

7) Take more 50 minute naps.

8) Chill more…like our cat.

9) Laugh more often at myself.

10) Substitute “am doing” for “should”.

11) Substitute “am being” for “should”.

Love more. Live more. Laugh more. Read more. Write more. Be more.

Here be it resolved.

“Don’t be ‘a writer’.  Be writing.”-William Faulkner



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