Great Awakenings

On Holiday awakened early,

No alarm,

Before sunrise.


Seduced by the promise

Of the silence of solitude

The big, empty house opened.


Big mind emptied

To seas of thought

Sweeping their foamy memories

Across the vastness.


Open wide,

Open heart,

Soul has spoken to our hero.


Smooth leather-brown walls

Of that study warmed his thoughts,

Like tastes of chocolate fondue.


Dipping mellow

Mellow marshes marching

Deepening the soul’s awakening.


Sybaritic sympathies beware!

Pulse of soul beats strong and true

Like a heart assured from the Great Physician’s remedy.


Marshmellowed berries buried mellow thought,

Mellow thought married to ideas long sought

And fought to mind’s deep depths.


20,000 leagues no more, no less

Mind open, Bless,

Bless this mind so blessedly obsessed.


Irenic incense blocks his sense of time,

Lend me your two cents of irony? No!

Two cents of Wisdom? Yes!


Buys momentary freedom from his pain.

No pain, No gain,

Who said that?


Thoughts confused?

Thoughts construed to truth of soul’s wit

Fused with the peace it brought.


Peace brought in the solemnity of solitude

These walls of leather-brown doth bring

To a soul’s birth.


To love and truth everlasting,

Word was God, Word was with God,

In the Beginning.


A guazzabuglio of creation,

Logomachy forever lives,

Words did create this world in which we live

And so shall die.


Truth to live,

Truth belie,

The Way, The Truth, The Life.



The End. Done.

Finished. It is.

And begins again. Renewed.

Handcrafted poetry by John Hines, 12/22/2015.

I wrote most of this poem on my phone between sets at the gym a day after a medical procedure requiring anesthesia that yielded the relief of extremely good news from my physician.

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