What Would Happen IF?

It was Independence Day,

And our protagonist asked himself:

“What would happen, IF, every day, for the next 10 years,

I played an instrument,

I read something I enjoy,

I wrote down my thoughts,

I pursued creative, spiritual, soulful expression.

What would happen if…?

Is “pursued” even the right word and tense?

Change “pursued” to “lived out”, to “living out”?

And by living out I mean allowing it to pursue me,

Or giving in to the pursuit of me by the soul of me,

To answer to the whole of me,

By expressing what could never be the sum of me,

but maybe just some some of me.”

My name is John Hines.  I’ve started posting handcrafted poetry and musings on my blog.  Thank you for reading.

Most of this was written on Independence Day, 2015 from a verandah in Asheville, NC overlooking this beautiful city and her mountains.



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