Funny How Places Can Be

Good Morning! Day One of our vacation. We are back in our quiet place…the little Red Barn.

A nine hour drive became a twelve hour trip after minor car trouble slowed us in one of our favorite towns–Gainesville, FL. About Gainesville she said, ”it still fits like an old shoe”…Funny how places can be.

We arrived at 2:30 a.m.–about one hour before I usually awake on “work” days.

Awakened naturally without an alarm at 10:30 and was immediately struck with the quiet…Ah…the quiet…slowing down…breathing…leaves rustling…rain drops dropping, drip, drip, dripping.

Mountain Writing

Imagining the droplets rolling off the leaf, leaving the leaf and landing…thud…KERPLUNCK!…that wasn’t a drop dripping…an acorn displacing the wet, soiled leaves beneath him announcing his arrival to unsettle things for just a bit.

Birds chirp, chirp chirping announcing the arrival of another day in the mountains.

A hound hounding in the distance…

Greetings, welcome. Somehow she appeared like she did the first time we met…a sweet mountain pup with a sweet, warm unobtrusive “I’ll only come up to you if you invite me” welcome back to the mountains. There she was almost as soon as we stepped foot out of our car early this morning and there she was as I stepped outside into the fresh mountain essence awakening with my first cup of brew.

Mountain Pup
Quiet moves to tears this morning as slowing down breaks my emotions as weights I have been carrying lift off my soul and I’m immediately moved to put something down in words…something soulful, in my sternum or somewhere below creeping to my throat, swallowing, tightening, swallowing that I do not understand…beauty…love…gratitude…thankfulness…somehow a little closer to “good”…Funny how places can be.  Time for a walk…

Mountain Walk


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