Last Day’s Reflection: Gratitude

This is Blog Post No. 1 as part of the #10SummerBlogs community.   It is ninety minutes after arriving home on the last day of school and I am rereading some of the final reflections of my AP Psychology students.  We enter this profession to inspire and we often end up as the inspired.


Thank you students for the quality of authentic work you put in after the Advanced Placement (AP) exam.  Thank you for bringing your authentic selves to your final presentations and delivering with enthusiasm!  Thank you for the words you shared in your final reflections-some of which are shared here.  You have lifted me up and once again reminded me of why I’m in this game!  Thank you students!

“First, Mr. Hines lays out the course for your success.”

“The class will challenge your ideas and stimulate new types of thinking.”

“…this class has helped me mature and become more comfortable with myself.”

“It really means a lot to me how he cared a lot about us as students.”

“…Mr. Hines made the course enjoyable and fun to learn.”

“…he would go the extra mile for us to be interested in the subject.”

“Students will procure a better understanding of themselves and their peers while enjoying a whole new take on life.”

“…I was able to discover how I learn best and how others around me will respond to my actions.”

Reflection Walk

“The course has changed my life.”

“Overall, this was a very fun class.”

“The course gave me a different perspective on life.”

“Some things I used to (sort of) judge people on, I found out is just part of who we are as a species.”

“The thing I liked best about the course was how easy it was to apply to my own life.”

“This course taught me that I’m not the only one out there dealing with anxiety, and my better understanding has changed the way I think about the disorder…”

“This course has changed my life by causing me to not judge every person I meet.”

“I liked how this course was fast paced and kept me thinking.”

“You will learn the best study methods.”

“You will learn more about how and why regular people, like you and me, feel and act a certain way than about ‘crazy people’…learning about how you and I act is more interesting than you think.”

“This course might also change your life the way it did mine.”


“This course isn’t just ‘psychology’.  It’s life skills and knowledge you can use every day…”

“There was a minuscule amount of ‘filler assignments’ and every assignment was important…”

“What I liked best about this class was all of the visual learning.”

“All in all, the best thing about this class is the teacher, Mr. Hines.  He can be corky at times, but he’s an excellent teacher who focuses on students grasping the concept while making students laugh.”


“My favorite parts of the course would be the energetic lectures, the reflection walks…”

“Personally, this class has really helped me grow as a student and person.”

“…and it helped me develop study habits that I was able to apply in other classes, which boosted my grades.”

“This course is like no other you will take in high school…”

“Psychology has helped me in many of my other science classes.  They link well together and are very cohesive.”

“The course teaches you effective ways of learning, studying, and remembering things you are taught…and this can be used in other classes.”

“After taking this course, my study habits have been impacted. My grades have been positively impacted because of my new study habits.”

“I hope you find this class as fun and interesting as I did.”

“Students will come out of this class with a better understanding of how the human brain functions.”

“Psychology helped me become myself and embrace the traits of my personality that I kept hidden.”

“Before taking this course, I had a hard time speaking out and making eye contact, which has improved dramatically because of Mr. Hines and the lessons he has taught us.”

“This course is extremely exciting and unique.  I want to take it again.”

“…but the content and rich factual knowledge I was gaining kept me going.”

“My friend almost dropped this class and she is a million times happier now that she took it.”

“My favorite part of the course would be…Mr. Hines’s passionate lectures.”

“Socially, personally, mentally and even academically, this course can help you.”

“This class is super interesting and the topics are fun to learn.”

Thank you students!  Thank you!!





One thought on “Last Day’s Reflection: Gratitude”

  1. It’s great when we can get our students to reflect. Through their reflections we can see their thoughts and learn what is important to them and what stands out in their mind. Reflections show true learning!

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