Spring Break is Over!

Spring Break is over!…and YES, I am looking forward to seeing my students tomorrow!

However, before we get started with the 4th Quarter, it is time to reflect on 10 lessons from Spring Break that I want to carry over.

1) Sleep is good!  Establishing better sleep patterns and getting more sleep is something I will work on in the last quarter of the year.  5 hours of sleep a night and the accompanying sleep deprivation effects are not good for anyone.

2) Nature is wonderful!  Time in/with nature is good.  I will take more time to enjoy nature…to pause in nature…with long walks and the camera that is my phone!

3) Playing games is fun!  Sequence and Taboo night with our son and his friend produced the most laughter of the week!  Laughing with your loved ones is good!

4) Reading is good!  It felt great to finish two books during the break!  It felt great sharing a room with fellow readers for hours at a time.

5) Authentically connecting is good!  I opened up to connecting more with people both virtually and in the room without expectation…and it was good.

6) Writing is good!  I began working on a broad general statement of the purpose of education that included conversations over Twitter to produce a collaborative mini-crowd sourced initiative (blog coming soon).

7) Hanging out in independent book stores is good!  We spent time in no less than three indie book stores bonding over books, ideas and coffee!

8) Chocolate is good!  Sharing chocolate with someone you love is better!

9) A good plumber is hard to find after 3:30 p.m. in some parts of the country!  When you find one, become his/her best source of marketing!

9) a) The smallest “stress fracture” on the smallest piece of pipe (not at the joint) can cause BIG leaks!

9) b) Call an expert!

10) “Life is short, but sweet for certain.”-DMB

Embrace the moment, embrace your loved ones in the moment.  Life changing news is a phone call away.  Stop and smell the roses.  No, I really mean it…STOP…slow down…breathe…reflect…feel…write…think…connect…LOVE!

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