Sunday Run

Yesterday I ran a “contrarian run.”  Why do I call it a contrarian run?  Well, it was contrary to the way I’ve ever run before, coached others to run or thought of running.  My number one goal for yesterday’s run was to “stop and smell the roses”…to experience the run and to have FUN!

After awakening at 5:00, we traveled out to one of our favorite places to run about 45 minutes SW of downtown Orlando.  I loaded up with my youngest son and we picked up one of his teammates to head out to what we call the mountains of Clermont-a circuitous, almost 10 mile clay road loop of vistas and hills-challenges that are uncharacteristic of what most people think of Florida running terrain.

I’ve been in love with this place since discovering it with my oldest son about 6 years ago.  There is something magical about every time we go there even when are going every week.  Arriving before daylight as other runners emerge from their cars with various forms of “bed-headedness” and “half-awakeness” after parking alongside the road is a welcome Sunday ritual.

Moon Set Brilliant

We were the second car to arrive yesterday and when I stepped out of the car, I immediately noticed the setting moon in all of its fullness to the west.  I had already decided to carry my phone on the run with me today so while going through dynamic drills I snapped photos of the setting moon while waiting for the sun to slowly emerge in the east as a backdrop to the city skyline.  The decision to carry my phone with me was the beginning of the contrarian run for this runner who shuns all accessories aside from a GPS watch, a pair of shorts, the thinnest socks possible and shoes.

The Moon Setting

After a good warm-up, the boys set off ahead of me after a few words from Coach about taking it easy today (they ended up hammering the 10 miles of hills averaging sub-6:30/mile pace).   I started off slowly with my broken-band Garmin in my left pocket and my I-Phone tucked between my right thigh and my compression shorts.  I wore longer basketball-style shorts this morning and a sleeveless cotton muscle shirt to ensure I didn’t go too hard.  My last trip out there was a 20 miler covering the loop 2+ times at better than 7:15/mile pace before I had to cut my best months of training short with hip issues.

Warming Up 03162014

My plan (or non-plan) emerged over the first mile.  What if I stop, do 40 push-ups at each mile marker and then snap pictures/take video of the amazing vistas we’ve been enjoying all these years?  And so I did…creating and posting my first VLOG/Run VLOG ever.  Here it is in all of its unedited expression:

Mile 1  The Long View

Mile 1 The Long View

Mile 2  (Video)-Why We Run: There are Spiritual/Soulful Reasons!

Mile 2 Spirit Soul

Follow link for Video:

Mile 4 Runners Ahead in the Distance  

Mile 4 Runners in the Distance

Mile 5 The Crossroads

One of the quotes our runners and their parents hear from me regularly is “Running and running on a team is a perfect metaphor for life.”  Today’s metaphor-the Crossroad!

Follow link for Video:

Mile 5.5 Snake in the Road

Another “teachable moment”.  Remember we said “running is a metaphor for life.”  Shortly after making the decision to run right, this snake appeared in the road.  On closer inspection, it was a small, nonvenomous one…this time.  How often, though, does life throw snakes in the road after we’ve made a key decision as if to test our resolve?

Snake in the Road

Mile 6 Why do we run?…for those long, winding roads!  (This one looks pretty long and straight from here).

Follow link for video:

Mile 7 Why do we run? We run for the VISTAS! Pt. 2

Mile 7

Follow link for video:

Mile 9: Honey, can I get a GoPro now? 🙂

Follow link for video:

The Finish|Mile 10 Why do we run? The bonding of father and son!

Finish Pic garmin

Father Son

Thank you for reading!  Do you have a contrarian run?  Hopefully this inspires you to find your “fun” in the run!

One thought on “Sunday Run”

  1. Thank you! I so enjoyed going on the journey with you. I look forward to experiencing the clay roads one day soon.

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