The Fitness Ignitor Series: Part III

I am a life-long runner, fitness enthusiast and endorphin junkie who discovered fitness and running when my childhood neighbor challenged me to run around the block without stopping and bet me that I’d never finish.  Our block was 1.7 miles long.  After completing it, I was hooked on running for life!

Several years later, I experienced my first “BIG” victory when, after going undefeated the entire season, I won the county track meet mile as an eighth grader in 4:50.  I have completed and competed in road and cross country races from the 5K through the marathon, various forms of triathlon/biathlon and plan on completing a 50K before I am 50.  I am an age-group competitive runner, personal fitness coach and high school distance coach for Cross Country and Track & Field.  I habitually awake each day well before dawn breaks to get my own work-out in before I lead others.   For years my clients, my students, colleagues, co-workers and I have engaged in informal conversations about uncommon approaches to fitness and nutrition.  My friends and family say this makes me a “Fitness Ignitor.”

Through the years, this life-long fitness enthusiast has learned to balance fitness as a high achiever in a sales/marketing capacity for Fortune 100 companies in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and commercial real estate.  Presently, as a high school teacher and coach, husband, father of 3 and best friend to my 13-year-old Lab, I balance my work-outs with the fullest of days and even fuller weeks.  Friends say this makes me a “Fitness Ignitor.”

Every workplace needs a “Fitness Ignitor”!  Is that YOU?

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