What is a Fitness Ignitor? Pt. 2

Two weeks ago, a gentleman stopped me during my regular warm-up routine to ask me why and how I was doing toe walks, heel walks, heel-to-toe walks and walking high-knees at the beginning of my dynamic warm-up.  Though I am not one to engage in conversation during my gym work-outs which are usually bouts of high intensity interval training that engage multiple large muscle groups and engage one both aerobically and anaerobically, it gave me great pleasure to stop during my warm-up to answer this man’s questions.  Soon he was moving down the floor doing his own toe walks, heel walks, heel-to-toe walks and walking high-knees.  Friends and family say this makes me a “Fitness Ignitor.” Who is your Fitness Ignitor?

During the past two summers, I have worked part-time at our local specialty running store.  It enables me to stay up to date on the newest shoes and gear for the runners I coach.  I get great satisfaction out of helping runners who come into the store to find the pair of shoes that will enable them to engage in their sport in an as injury-free and enjoyable way as possible.  We often spend time discussing ideas on how to improve both their run fitness and over-all fitness.  These conversations fuel my passion for working with others who want to get better.  Friends and family say this makes me a “Fitness Ignitor.” Do you have a Fitness Ignitor?

Recently, I received a very nice email from a “gym buddy” who also follows the early morning rite thanking me for the inspiration and knowledge she received from our conversations and from watching the intensity I bring to each work-out, each day.  She told me it inspired her during her lengthy recovery from a car accident.  Her approach to sport and fitness as she recovered inspired and motivated me on sluggish days.  She is a Fitness Ignitor! Are you a Fitness Ignitor?

Ignite your fitness! Change your life!

Fitness Ignitor pt 2

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