The #DirtyDozen Work-out

I decided to call this one the “Dirty Dozen“.  I did it this morning on our high school track and I’m thinking about making it part of our pre-season conditioning mix.

The Early Morning View from the Track:

Track Early Morning View

Here’s the DIRTY DOZEN:

12 x 400m RUN @ 5K pace performed like this:

Run 350m @ 5K pace to the Pull-up Bar.  Do 8 Wide-Grip, Over-Hand Pull-ups.  Jump Off the bar and SPRINT the remaining 50m.  Drop and do 25 Push-ups. Rest 1:00-1:15.  REPEAT.

DIRTY DOZEN  Totals: 96 Pull-ups, 300 Push-ups, 4.8 K Run. Total Time: Less than 1 hour including W/up, Cool-down.

This all-around strength & conditioning work-out combines some work at race pace, core work, and sprint work.

Finish with 800m jog and 4x100m Diagonals in Grass.

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