Radical Personal Development=Radical Approach to Fitness

I tweet about this exercise program often, share it with others in fitness conversations, and have recommended it to my runners for strength building during the off-season.  I discovered it about 3 years ago while surfing the web for ideas about how to increase the number of pull-ups I could do.  After my most recent 6 week stint of #MajorArmstrong, I completed 26 reps of unassisted, wide-grip overhand pull-ups…a new personal best.


Why pull-ups?  Why the Major Armstrong program?  Pull-ups and push-ups are two of the best core strengtheners you can do.  “A strong core makes a strong runner” is what my runners hear repeatedly through pre-season conditioning. It is disheartening to see guys walking around the gym looking and feeling buff who cannot pull-up their own body weight 20 times. Developing the ability to do 20+ pull-ups will give you a new sense of self-confidence that carries over into all aspects of your life.

We must add: “A strong core makes a strong person.”  We don’t have space to talk about it here, but philosophers, theologians, and thinkers agree that when one is “centered” one prospers.  Energy comes from the center of your being physically and spiritually.  A strong core provides resilience for life’s journey.  It is preparation for the win…

The Will to Win

Major Armstrong developed a fitness/pull-up program designed to prepare him to set a world record in the number of pull-ups completed in a single session. Many success stories now circulate on how followers of the program have maxed the 21 rep requirement for the Marine Corps physical fitness test.  I like the plan because it has many of the components of a successful approach to fitness: variety, specificity,  and rest.

I just finished Week 1 of another stint of the #MajorArmstrong pull-up program with a goal to hit 30 pull-ups in a single set at the end of 6 weeks.  I follow the plan as prescribed on the attached pdf; and I complete the rest of my work-out after each day of Major Armstrong.  When I am not on the plan, I do at least the prescribed 50 pull-up reps daily.

I complete my warm-up push-ups in the a.m. while checking in on Twitter, making my lunch, reflecting on the upcoming day, reading and writing.  Check out the attached link and follow the #MajorArmstrong program for at least 6 weeks.

The #MajorArmstrong Pull-up Program: http://ow.ly/sIjAf

If you precisely follow the plan prescribed here with daily discipline, the radical personal development you achieve will amaze!

Any questions along the way?  Reach out to me via Twitter: Coach John Hines@John_M_Hines.

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