Cut Out to Move On

One of the hardest things to do is cut when it is time to cut.  Cut out to move on.  That’s what I did this week.  I took action based on deep thoughtful consideration and cut a significant Spring activity out of my daily working life for 2014.  It developed from a thought process that began when I re-read Mastery by George Leonard during the Thanksgiving break.  It comes on the heels of my mother’s game-changing stroke just after New Years Day and only a year after my father experienced a significantly disabling brain injury.

I have always said that turning an age is just a number.  I have pursued physical activity with the passion and vengeance of a man possessed over most of my life and especially the last 21 years of my career life.  I get up at 3:15 a.m. to follow a regimen that awes most when I describe it to them and has them asking what I do to stay in such great shape.  This can give one a sense of immortality and invincibility that is more characteristic of youth.

This past year when I turned 47 in late October, something was different; and that something different hasn’t left me.  I am now looking at the rest of my life through a finite lens more than I ever have before…looking at my own mortality and asking myself “What more do you want to accomplish before you die?”  “If you die tomorrow, would you be doing what you were born to do, created to do, meant to do, and love to do?”  (Now, that’s some serious s#*t, I know…and let me just say right here, right now that my capacity to laugh at myself hasn’t been lost in all this!)

I am in the process of creating a list of 50 projects that I want to complete before passing age 50…significant projects…life-changing projects for self and my sphere…Projects that require life-change to be accomplished.  Projects that will require RPD “Radical Personal Development”. (Thank you Mr. Tom Peters for the RPD term and New Years Day 2014 inspiration on Twitter!) Projects that are drafted from the vision out-lined by my open space goals.  I will write about them.  I will publicly speak about them.  I will “social media” about them.  And it is my hope that others might join me…

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