Open Space Goals in 2014

Several years ago, my wife and I both read Get Out of Your Own Way by Robert K. Cooper.  It inspired the open space goals I made last year at the start of 2013 and wrote in my journal:

Read More. Write More. Love More.

The fruits of the open space goals continue to bear forth and resulted in the reading of more books in a year than I ever have, writing and journalising as I never had, the creation of my first blog on 01/01/2014, and a deepening of relationships with family members that had not yet  been experienced.

I awoke this morning at 4:00 a.m. as excited and awake as a kid on Christmas morning!  Ready to get this year started and very ignited by this year’s open space goals:

Love more, Loved more, Lead more, Give more, Be more.

Team more, Voice more, Do more, Live More!

Last year’s open space goals found me re-discovering fiction and the joys of the insights of good literature on living.  They led to finally taking much needed time off with loved ones and my loved one that nurtured, renewed and deepened relationships…deepened connections…

The child-like excitement I awoke with this morning is over what the unwrapping of this year’s open space goals will bring as they serve as templates, as guides, as themes, as vision for shaping 2014.

What are your open space goals for 2014?

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